CSO Registration for the GEF ECW in Vietnam, taking place from 4 to 7 April  2017. For participants requesting funding, the registration will close on 26 February 2017.

CSO Registration
Please describe experience (if any) you have in designing, implementing or monitoring GEF Medium or Full sized projects.
Please describe experience (if any) in promoting engagement of civil society in projects financed by GEF or international development assistance agencies.
Please describe experience (if any) in developing or implementing Gender Action plans or strategies for agencies, programs or projects.
1) Please indicate the level of involvement and understanding your organization has with the GEF and the SGP. 2) Please indicate the level of experience your organization has at the grassroots level with local communities.
Is your organization an accredited member of the GEF CSO Network?
Have you attended any GEF events in the past? If yes, which and when?
Please provide one or more links (URLs) to webpages that demonstrate the work of your organization.
Select Yes if you require a letter for a visa or no if you do not require a visa.
Do you require financial assistance ?